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Joey Bosa's Coldplay and video game expertise is top notch

Joey Bosa is getting ready to prepare for the NFL Combine, where he is expected to put on a show for scouts and coaches across the NFL. He will also be one of the first players to hear his name called come late April during the NFL Draft. But first, he joined SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein in San Francisco before the Super Bowl for some trivia, appearing on Answer the Question.

Bosa was quizzed on what city the Super Bowl was being played, how to prevent Cam Newton from dancing, and his knowledge of Coldplay songs. He was also asked other things that you may or may not want to know, like the sound that Peyton Manning makes as he comes out of a recliner, which made for one of his more interesting answers.

His technique and motor was impressive in answering Dan's questions, just as you would expect from a top NFL prospect. Hopefully draft experts take this performance into account when evaluating him. If Bosa is able to handle the process leading up to the NFL Draft as well as he handled his appearance on Answer the Question, including the Wonderlic test, he should impress many in the coming months.