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Cardale Jones is finally ready for a rematch with the kid he beat 98-35 in 'NCAA Football'

Cardale and Jared Foley are prepared for a rematch, this one under different circumstances.

Cardale Jones famously ran up the score in a game of NCAA Football, and his opposition, Jared Foley, is finally ready for a rematch. The two played during a visit by Jones to a children's hospital, where Cardale didn't take it easy on Foley by any means.

Friday, Cardale reached out to Foley on Twitter for a rematch, because it's just not fair to determine who is really better unless you do at least best two-out-of-three, right? Of course, Foley gladly accepted.

Cardale was by no means lacking confidence, and immediately started smack-talking Foley:

Based on a conversation this past April, it seemed they might be playing a game of NHL 15, the recent dialogue between the two leaves us to believe that the two will in fact play another game of NCAA. Cardale has also set a minimum score for him to make, otherwise, Foley will be declared the winner:

Hopefully Foley has been practicing, but his odds seem much better this time around if Cardale has to put up 350.