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Check out the custom LeBron James Soldiers Ohio State will wear vs Michigan

It's good to be able to claim the King.

A life long Ohio State fan, LeBron James' love of and relationship with Ohio State is well documented.

Had the NBA's one-year-removed-from-high-school bylaw existed when he was coming out of high school, LeBron's gone on the record saying he would've spent his one year down the highway from Akron in Columbus.

On Monday, Ohio State basketball revealed some slick custom LeBron James Soldiers, James' line of Nike shoes, that the Buckeyes will be rocking against Michigan Tuesday night. With former OSU great Evan Turner having his number raised to the rafters, Tuesday could turn out to be one heck of an evening:

Not unlike Michigan's adornment of the Nike Jordan brand, OSU's been answering with plenty of LeBron inspired paraphernalia for much of the last season and change. Who knows, with the Cavs not set to play until Thursday against the Bulls, maybe the King himself will be in attendance and get a chance to swing by his locker.