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ESPN used the worst camera angle ever for Ohio State-Michigan

Do you like butts? Have we got the camera angle for you.

For reasons unknown, ESPN's coverage of Ohio State-Michigan elected to use a camera angle that perhaps best captured the backs and rears of the players and officials immediately in front of the cameras.

Like trying to watch the game through an HD Periscope broadcast from the sidelines, the game's announcers described the angle as being like having a courtside or floor level seat. The experience, branded "floor seats", almost necessitated dramamine, prevented the ability to see the conclusion of some shots and moments, and felt the equivalent of reading while in a car during some of the jerkier moments.

The network inexplicably maintained it for the entire game, declining to spare viewers by audibling to something even a tiny bit more watchable. If you tuned in, no one would've faulted you if you changed the channel, even if you had a vested interest in the outcome.

No one on the social media network Twitter watching the game seemed to be enjoying themselves very much:

This is roughly what it looked like:

Woof. ESPN. Your camera angle:

Trending topics on Twitter perhaps captured the viewing experience best:

UPDATE -- ESPN evidently knew just how awful it was:

In a later deleted tweet, Hall added the camerawoman told her "Yeah, let's never do this again."