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Extremely woke elementary school hears fake Urban Meyer-Jim Harbaugh espionage case

The truth is out there.

Nothing gets past the fourth graders at Dublin, OH's Scottish Corners Elementary School.

During a lesson about the constitution and the role of the judiciary in government from an actual judge, the kids were presented a wildly in-depth hypothetical involving Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, and now former Buckeyes wide receiver/quarterback Braxton Miller.

On the scale of chem trails to Illuminati, how deep does this conspiracy go? Judge for yourself:

Let's quickly try and dissect this:

  • Urban Meyer thinks Michigan may have stolen an ostensible trick play
  • Urban knows Braxton Miller is friends with Michigan's coach, Jim Harbaugh
  • Urban has proof Braxton sent Harbaugh a letter
  • Harbaugh claims it was just a congratulatory note
  • Miller claims it was just his mother's recipe for oatmeal cookies
  • Brutus saw the whole dang thing

Our unofficial official read is that Braxton and Harbaugh are lying and that the now former Buckeye is in fact a mole. When the damning proof comes to light, the OSU-Michigan rivalry may never be the same.

(Via's blog)