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National Signing Day 2016: Ohio State recruiting live updates

All National Signing Day 2016 everything. Get the latest on Ohio State State football's latest and greatest recruiting class in our live chat.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

For everything you might've missed on OSU's NSD16, click here

Luke Zimmermann [12:40 PM]:

Go Bucks

Luke Zimmermann [12:39 PM]:

Thanks again for bearing with some tech hiccups. Thanks for everything you guys do for us

Luke Zimmermann [12:39 PM]:

Seems we’ve ground to a crawl here. Appreciate you guys

Caleb Houser [12:12 PM]:

Listening to the radio show now on 97.1 the fan. Very good info!

Luke Zimmermann [12:11 PM]:

Caleb Houser [12:04 PM]:

I’m sure there is, but OSU can’t take anyone else. Numbers wise, and they knew who they were getting today.

buckeyeboy29 [12:00 PM]:

is there anyone in the top 300 with ohio state as a top 3 school remaining

Andrew Lentz [11:59 AM]:

Harbaugh is so painful to watch ad lib

buckeyeboy29 [11:58 AM]:

can’t wait to see what demario McCall does, i see a lot of pepe pearson in him

Luke Zimmermann [11:56 AM]:

@Andrew Lentz The initial guest list was like a NASCAR driver and a weird hipster R&B crooner but adding the Brady and Jeter clout ain’t nothing

Andrew Lentz [11:54 AM]:

I have to give them credit, they have a star studded cast here and great production. It’s totally crazy but I have to admit it’s well done.

Andrew Lentz [11:53 AM]:

@Luke Zimmerman Yes, it is totally odd. But I can’t help thinking this is the future of NSD for other schools.

Caleb Houser [11:52 AM]:

Loving this chat room so far. Great comments and questions. Keep them coming!

Luke Zimmermann [11:49 AM]:

@CTBuckeye We’re just about to drop his profile. LB seems like a tough nut to crack but enrolling early certainly can’t hurt

Ostate84 [11:48 AM]:

Nick will be intriguing as well as Tuf. Just love that name…

Luke Zimmermann [11:47 AM]:

Any favorite members of the 2016 Ohio State recruiting class so far for y’all?

Luke Zimmermann [11:46 AM]:

@Andrew Lentz In all seriousness, it is odd. On one hand it seems like great marketing ostensibly. On the other, well … It seems odd.

Luke Zimmermann [11:44 AM]:

@CTBuckeye Haha, they’re friends so we won’t say anything too bad — except when it comes to their football team :wink:

Andrew Lentz [11:44 AM]:

completely agree, @CT Buckeye. watching this “Signing with the Stars” feed. this is strange.

Ostate84 [11:41 AM]:

I must confess I went to Maize and Brew to see how their day was going and I think I broke it. Their site is a pale comparison to LGHL by the way.

TheBigCat2192 [11:39 AM]:

I’m blaming Tim Beck for this internet failure.

Ostate84 [11:38 AM]:

OMG we broke the internet.

Luke Zimmermann [11:29 AM]:

Thanks for bearing with us today and for your continued support of Land-Grant Holy Land

Luke Zimmermann [11:28 AM]:

Can’t promise we’re out of the woods but our chat seems fixed once again.

Caleb Houser [11:28 AM]:

Rashan Gary, I think he picks Clemson. What an upset that would be!

Ostate84 [10:45 AM]:

Well, that ws a lot like Christmas morning. Lots of wrapping paper flying and presents opening up and now we just watch others open theirs…

russell.c [10:44 AM]:

but probably

russell.c [10:44 AM]:

For the love of all things good and the bane of that evil evil TTUN, I hope not

BrightandSunny [10:44 AM]:

Baker Mayfield will be a challenge for a young D.

barnes79GV [10:43 AM]:

The kid who is supposed to be the #1 player in the Class of 2016, is he going to Michigan?

Caleb Houser [10:43 AM]:


BrightandSunny [10:42 AM]:

Bedlam is the rivalry game between OU and OK state.

Caleb Houser [10:42 AM]:

He makes 25. And no, that is it. Final number will be 25.

barnes79GV [10:41 AM]:

Does Victor make 25/26 and can we expect anymore signees?

russell.c [10:41 AM]:

well then why do i keep thinking bedlam = something in oklahoma lol

Caleb Houser [10:40 AM]:

We play at OU and I really think we play just fine. Think of this year as being a lot like 2014. Very low expectations. I like OSU when they’re the underdog.

russell.c [10:40 AM]:

who plays in bedlam.. is that OkSt?

BrightandSunny [10:40 AM]:

They play in Norman, OK.

russell.c [10:38 AM]:

I know this is recruiting… but I need to know… what are the odds that we beat OU this year in Bedlam(they play in Bedlam right?)

Caleb Houser [10:37 AM]:


National Signing Day 2016: 4-star WR Binjimen Victor signs with Ohio State

The Buckeyes add another talented receiver into Zone 6.

Caleb Houser [10:37 AM]:

Victor signed. It’s official.

Caleb Houser [10:32 AM]:

Let’s hope so! To echo, yes 2017 will be insanely talented. Already an incredible start.

barnes79GV [10:31 AM]:

The 2017 class is supposed to be out-of-this-world, Ohio State will be back in the National Championship Game this year. GO BUCKEYES

Caleb Houser [10:30 AM]:

Most likely. OSU just moved into the #1 spot on 247sports. We’ll see soon where they finish.

barnes79GV [10:29 AM]:

247sports and ESPN believe it will be top 2? They were saying only LSU could have a better class, is that still so?

Caleb Houser [10:27 AM]:

You’re welcome, @Andrew Lents

Caleb Houser [10:27 AM]:

Andrew Lentz [10:26 AM]:

thanks @Caleb

russell.c [10:26 AM]:

FSU missed on some recruits and UM won’t pass us

russell.c [10:25 AM]:

We should be top 3 I think

Andrew Lentz [10:25 AM]:

  1. right now but likely won’t hold. likely top 5.

Caleb Houser [10:24 AM]:

It will be via link has not been official as of right now. This class will be top 5. Probably 4 from what I am seeing on 247sports. Can be different according to ESPN, Scout, Rivals.

barnes79GV [10:23 AM]:

How does the Ohio State class rank?

Andrew Lentz [10:22 AM]:

link to that presser @Caleb Houser?

Caleb Houser [10:22 AM]:

OSU will get to 85. Per Drue Chrisman, (16’ punter) he will gray shirt allowing a scholarship to free up. There will be some updates as time passes. Coach Meyer has a presser at 3pm.

BrightandSunny [10:21 AM]:

Sorry…64 scholarship players. So those numbers are 4 & 6, I think.

Caleb Houser [10:20 AM]:

Nothing on King as of right now. Think he’s Bama’s to lose.

BrightandSunny [10:20 AM]:

So they need to lose 6 guys off scholarships by the fall to be compliant with the 85 limit. Need to lose 8 if Fada & Burger are to keep their scholarships for the fall term?

Andrew Lentz [10:20 AM]:

any news on Jamar King? nothing on twitter

Caleb Houser [10:19 AM]:

@Eric St. John yes, most likely 25. Great class for OSU

BrightandSunny [10:19 AM]:

So it’s a class of 25?

Caleb Houser [10:18 AM]:

Victor is the last I believe. @CTBuckeye

Luke Zimmermann [10:18 AM]:


National Signing Day 2016: ATH Malik Harrison signs with Ohio State

BOOOOOOOOOM! The Buckeyes add another 2016 prospect to the fold.

Luke Zimmermann [10:17 AM]:

@CTBuckeye This should be the class. Crazier things have happened but. At least per our expectations, this is it

Andrew Lentz [10:17 AM]:

would love to get King to bolster that line

Ostate84 [10:17 AM]:

So who else are we waiting on signing? I think the big eggs are in the basket or elsewhere.

Caleb Houser [10:17 AM]:

And looks like the final piece without a surprise, Harrison is a Buckeye!

Harry Lyles Jr. [10:16 AM]:


Luke Zimmermann [10:16 AM]:

sorry about the technical issue there folks. we should be a go

Luke Zimmermann [10:16 AM]:

taps mic this thing on?

Luke Zimmermann [9:58 AM]:


Carlos Becker commits to Florida State over Ohio State

The Buckeyes had a shot at another blue chip DB, but couldn’t pass Florida State

Caleb Houser [9:57 AM]:

Becker to FSU

Caleb Houser [9:52 AM]:

They have had a rough one.

russell.c [9:51 AM]:

4-Star Safety Andrew Pryts de-commits from Penn State, commits to Stanford… poor penn state

Caleb Houser [9:49 AM]:

@russell.c yes, JUCO player. #4 ranked JUCO player in country. He will rank as a 93 according to Also, has 3 years to play 2 years.

russell.c [9:49 AM]:

I don’t always pay attention to JUCO additions… how many years eligibility does he have left

Caleb Houser [9:48 AM]:

@russell.c Becker is at 10am.

Luke Zimmermann [9:48 AM]:

russell.c [9:47 AM]:

is Pridgeon a JUCO xfer?

FYNBYAC [9:46 AM]:

@russell.c Great addition to the class

Caleb Houser [9:46 AM]:

Bucks land a HUGE offensive linemen. Great get!

russell.c [9:46 AM]:

no update on becker yet?

Caleb Houser [9:46 AM]:

Luke Zimmermann [9:45 AM]:

(No shocker, only surprise is it took so damn long haha)

Luke Zimmermann [9:45 AM]:


Caleb Houser [9:45 AM]:


National Signing Day 2016: CB Kareem Felder signs with Ohio State

A nice addition to the Buckeyes’ thinning secondary.

russell.c [9:45 AM]:

alentz, they did just pick up a commit from a 4* CB – Lavert Hill

Caleb Houser [9:44 AM]:

2017 will be absolutely loaded. Very good possibility. Look at who they already have verbals from.

Harry Lyles Jr. [9:43 AM]:

@russell.c I wouldn’t count out the possibility

Andrew Lentz [9:43 AM]:

so TTUN is hosting a signing day show and that’s why no one is signed yet? they must be pretty sure about Gary otherwise that could be a PR fail

Andrew Lentz [9:42 AM]:

awesome thanks

russell.c [9:42 AM]:

I know we’re a year away… but does 2017 have the potential to be the best OSU class ever?

Caleb Houser [9:41 AM]:

Caleb Houser [9:38 AM]:

Soon. Probably around 10am. However, he has already wore the Buckeye hat in the ceremony. Just waiting for the fax.

Andrew Lentz [9:36 AM]:

any news on Victor? i didn’t see anything on that periscope

Caleb Houser [9:36 AM]:

He personally wants to be an offensive player at OSU, but I think over time he is a natural fit at outside linebacker.

Caleb Houser [9:35 AM]:

He is Darron Lee made over.

russell.c [9:34 AM]:

Who does he have a similar skill set to? I always love getting recruits as rankings arent everything, but he’s like the 40th overall athlete in the class so it’s hard to me to get super pumped on this one

Luke Zimmermann [9:34 AM]:

the hat science is strong in this one (s/o to Gerd)

Luke Zimmermann [9:34 AM]:

Ostate84 [9:33 AM]:

Yeah, that isnt working for me. IT blocks all our social media feeds, I am lucky that SB nation chat boards are allowed through the firewall.

Caleb Houser [9:33 AM]:

Hats of Wisconsin, OSU, Indiana, and Louisville. Think we’ll be happy come 10am.

russell.c [9:31 AM]:

pic won’t load for me =/

Caleb Houser [9:29 AM]:

Caleb Houser [9:27 AM]:

Hopefully most of you are following LGHL’s twitter account. I know for myself and our other recruiting guys, it is updated and spot on with today’s happenings.

Caleb Houser [9:24 AM]:

About 5 minutes and you will start seeing Carlos Becker talk on twitter, etc. He signs/announces around 9:30.

russell.c [9:24 AM]:

If we stole becker I would do things that aren’t fit for internet chat rooms

Caleb Houser [9:22 AM]:

Yup, let’s hope FSU doesn’t land Becker either.

Ostate84 [9:22 AM]:

it is the brand as much as him right now.

russell.c [9:21 AM]:

Trayvon to clemson

Caleb Houser [9:21 AM]:

I agree with you, I think their run at #1 class ends this year.

Ostate84 [9:20 AM]:

Sa*an could fall out of bed and have a top 5 class right now.

russell.c [9:20 AM]:

Oh I’m certain they will make top 5, but I don’t think they will get the top rated class that was being predicted as recently as yesterday

Ostate84 [9:19 AM]:

Keep us updated, work blocked the feed. Dirty IT types…

Caleb Houser [9:19 AM]:

Bama may miss out on a few, but they will still have a pretty good day. See them moving into the top 5 personally.

russell.c [9:18 AM]:

mos tnotably nigel and mecole

russell.c [9:18 AM]:

Alabama seems to be missing on a lot of big name recruits this morning

Caleb Houser [9:17 AM]:

Right on, Victor will sign with his teammates

kflash11 [9:17 AM]:

@Caleb Houser Trayon Mullen on ESPN U live now

MidSouthMonster [9:15 AM]:

@Caleb Houser Sorry— there was some overlap. I was referring to Victor.

Caleb Houser [9:14 AM]:

Becker? That is around 9:30.

MidSouthMonster [9:13 AM]:

@Caleb Houser Do you know what time that is scheduled to take place?

Caleb Houser [9:13 AM]:

@russell.c We will not lose any in my opinion. Believe we pick up Malik Harrison of Walnut-Ridge and may be an JUCO offensive linemen. OSU was on the trail for Carlos Becker, but FSU seems most likely. Will decide around 9:30.

Caleb Houser [9:11 AM]:

Yes, Felder is in. Victor will be live on Periscope with teammates Malek Young and Trayvon Mullen

russell.c [9:10 AM]:

Any news on if we are expected to lose any recruits or add any others today?

MidSouthMonster [9:09 AM]:

I hear Felder is in now. Just waiting on Victor now.

Caleb Houser [9:07 AM]:

Now that the Buckeyes have Coach Studrawa, I think you will see both Beck and Warriner in the booth.

Harry Lyles Jr. [9:07 AM]:

We’re all good here!

Ostate84 [9:06 AM]:

Just keep the OC’s in the booth. Sorry about going completely OT…

Harry Lyles Jr. [9:05 AM]:

I think the good thing about Weber is that he won’t be needing to do what Zeke did (in hopes of the passing game being better than it was the first 10 games or so)

Ostate84 [9:04 AM]:

Trust me, I do. I think that Weber (if healthy) is going to be really good this year. Not Zeke good but good. Would have been a really dynamic pair last year but…

Luke Zimmermann [9:01 AM]:

@CTBuckeye dare to dream

Ostate84 [9:00 AM]:

We seem to be getting spoiled here, my Pro team is the Browns, and if we could garner this kind of talent I would be exstatic.

mason.shattuck [8:59 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann King probably going to the Dark Side (Bama)

Luke Zimmermann [8:58 AM]:

@MidSouthMonster think that’s a bit of a hail mary. haven’t heard any buzz about Kong either

mason.shattuck [8:58 AM]:

@MidSouthMonster Becker would be huge. Would that bump Harrison to preferred Walk-On?

MidSouthMonster [8:57 AM]:

*King. I hate autocorrect sometimes.

MidSouthMonster [8:56 AM]:

Still possibly in for Carlos Becker, the DB from FLA that has us and FSU as his final two. Also possible for Pridgeon, huge JUCO OT, and Jamar Kong, JUCO DT, too.

Luke Zimmermann [8:55 AM]:

@CTBuckeye Think Harrison’s an in. JUCO kid Pridgeon too

Ostate84 [8:51 AM]:

So any potential surprises today? or are we just waiting for the polls to come in? Would love to get another DB for this class.

Luke Zimmermann [8:47 AM]:

17272324626 74838066cc k.0.0

National Signing Day 2016: ATH Jahsen Wint signs with Ohio State

The Buckeyes reel in Jahsen Wint, their second addition from the Empire State since the arrival of Urban Meyer.

Luke Zimmermann [8:47 AM]:

now we’re cooking with gas again

Luke Zimmermann [8:42 AM]:

As our buddy Birm points out on Twitter, he’d visited OSU 3 weeks earlier

Luke Zimmermann [8:41 AM]:

Mecole Hardman commits to Georgia. No surprise there

Luke Zimmermann [8:40 AM]:


National Signing Day 2016: 4-star TE/H-back Kierre Hawkins signs with Ohio State

The tight end/H-back has been ready to sign with the Buckeyes since Oct. 2014.

Luke Zimmermann [8:40 AM]:

because one of our Holy Land friends on Twitter just dubbed this signing as “bad ass”, let’s reheat this puppy

Matt Brown [8:40 AM]:

Fire Urban, imo

Luke Zimmermann [8:31 AM]:

not a single fax in almost 30 minutes an explosion of them early .smh

Luke Zimmermann [8:30 AM]:

@MidSouthMonster Yup. Not sure what the latest is

MidSouthMonster [8:23 AM]:

Still waiting on Wint, Victor, and Felder, right? Hope they’re just late sleepers….

Alexis Chassen [8:20 AM]:

Lots of confident signees in this class; less drama that way (hopefully)

Luke Zimmermann [8:19 AM]:

Will be interesting to see what happens next

Matt Brown [8:19 AM]:

I’m perfectly fine with a quiet NSD, which is it what it looks like we’re getting. OSU’s additions today should come between 9:30-10

Luke Zimmermann [8:11 AM]:

Just three more to go at this point (that we know of) plus as few potential announcements

A.Ron [8:08 AM]:


Luke Zimmermann [8:08 AM]:

Keandre jones.0.0

National Signing Day 2016: Keandre Jones signs with Ohio State

The Good Counsel linebacker is officially a Buckeye.

Luke Zimmermann [8:08 AM]:


A.Ron [8:08 AM]:

Awaiting a fax from Mr. Jones…

Luke Zimmermann [8:04 AM]:

18616137531 7b06083465 o.0.0

National Signing Day 2016: 4-star QB Dwayne Haskins signs with Ohio State

The star QB is officially an Ohio State Buckeye.

Luke Zimmermann [8:03 AM]:

J.T. Barrett’s successor, too?

Luke Zimmermann [8:03 AM]:


National Signing Day 2016: 5-star DE Nick Bosa signs with Ohio State

Another Bosa is officially a Buckeye.

Luke Zimmermann [8:03 AM]:

A few of the big names to put ink to paper to fax machine already:

Luke Zimmermann [8:01 AM]:

It’s 8 a.m. and Ohio State’s already received what, 12 faxes on top of 7 early enrollees?