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How Greg Schiano's one-year deal compares to other Ohio State assistants' contracts

OSU has a string of coaches whose contracts are set to expire soon -- but it's probably not a big deal.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The ink on the paperwork is finally dry for all of Ohio State's new assistant coaches. New Buckeye defensive coordinator Greg Schiano's contract term sheet was released, showing he was set to make $600,000 a year, pushing him near the top of Ohio State's assistant pool (Luke Fickell makes the most, at $640,000 a year). But another line in Schiano's paperwork drew our attention. Specifically, one that denotes the length of the contract.

Per the agreement, Schiano's term runs from January 15, 2016, through April 30, 2017. His employment agreement is identified as a one year term (2016-2017) on the very first page as well.

The idea that Schiano's agreement would be very short term does make sense. After all, he was a highly successful college head coach, and a former NFL head coach, and it seems like a reasonable assumption that if Ohio State's defense plays well this season, he could be in the mix for other future head coaching positions. But is a one year agreement standard for Ohio State's assistants, or is Schiano's agreement unique?

We decided to find out. Land-Grant Holy Land obtained the most recent contract or term sheet for every Ohio State assistant coach. Here's what we found out about the dates on their paperwork:

Coach Name Contract Start Date Contract Termination Date One year or Two year?
Tony Alford (Running backs) 2/10/2015 4/30/2017 2
Tim Beck (Offensive coordinator/quaterbacks) 1/14/2015 4/30/2017 2
Kerry Coombs (Cornerbacks/Special teams) 5/1/2015 4/30/2016 1
Luke Fickell (Defensive roordinator/Linebackers) 5/1/2015 4/30/2016 1
Larry Johnson (Defensive line) 1/15/2014 4/30/2016 2
Mickey Marotti (Strength coach) 12/12/2011 4/30/2016 5
Greg Schiano (Defensive coordinator) 1/7/2016 1/15/2017 1
Zach Smith (Wide receivers) 5/1/2015 4/30/2016 1
Greg Studrawa (Offensive line) 1/14/2016 4/30/2018 2
Ed Warinner (Offensive coordinator/tight ends) 5/1/2015 4/30/2016 1

So, based on this data:

  • Not sure if there is any reason to read into Schiano's term sheet only being for one year. After all, plenty of other Ohio State assistants, like Luke Fickell, are on similar deals.
  • Based on this data, quite a few Ohio State coaches will have their agreements run out next month. It seems highly unlikely that Ohio State will make any staffing changes in the spring. If they wanted to do that, they probably would have done so months ago. Sometimes coaches work without a contract, but don't be surprised if some Buckeye assistants sign new deals, or at least extensions, later this spring. Ohio State certainly wouldn't want to let Larry Johnson or Kerry Coombs get away, after all.
  • The coach that got the longest term on his paperwork? Strength coach Mickey Marotti, who had a five year deal. Nobody else had longer than two years.
If Ohio State has a successful season, don't be surprised to hear names from this list floated for other jobs, regardless of how much time is left on their contracts. Urban Meyer's coaching tree is well respected in this profession, and several members of the staff have the potential, and interest, in becoming head coaches.