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Ohio State announces $42 million Ohio Stadium proposal that includes cutting seats

If approved, Ohio Stadium will lose a few thousand seats, but mostly obstructed view ones.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It takes money to make money.

Ohio State unveiled Tuesday a massive $42 million renovation plan for Ohio Stadium that is expected to include the addition of 12 luxury suites and 35 loge boxes.

The four-year renovation project also restores and re-coats the 94-year-old concrete on the C-deck, upgrades power distribution systems for the east, west, and south stands, and improves and upgrades B-deck lighting, televisions, and speakers.

After the renovations, projected to be completed in 2020, gameday seating capacity would be reduced to 102,854.

"We are committed to providing our fans, players and coaches with one of the best facilities in the nation," Gene Smith said in a release. "We knew we had to get some of this done in order to avoid future degradation of the cement on C-deck. At the same time, we have fans requesting upgraded seating options. We see this as a great opportunity to accomplish both projects. It's an important investment in the stadium that is beloved by so many."

With the renovation taking place in stages from 2016 until 2020, it'll be curious to see if OSU will pursue spring games on the road, perhaps in Canton, Cleveland, or again in Cincinnati, in some of those years.

“We are committed to completing this process in the most fan-friendly manner as possible, recognizing the loyalty of our longtime season ticket purchasers and donors and providing the seating options that our fans want,” Smith also said. “The expansion of premium seating will also allow us to provide spaces for non-football events such as weddings, lunches, banquets and corporate meetings.”