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Ohio State to participate in satellite camp in Georgia, per report

Urban Meyer and staff will be heading to SEC-country.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer might not be a fan of satellite camps, but so long as they aren't a violation of rules, he intends to utilize them. Meyer and his staff will be in Georgia on June 16 at Lawrenceville Central Gwinnett, according to LCG head coach Todd Wofford via 247sports.

"I got a call from the Ohio State high school relations department, and they asked me if I was interested," Wofford said, per 247sports. "I built a relationship with Coach Meyer and the staff from when they recruited Trey Johnson. They felt our high school, with the castle in the background, would be a good avenue to be our guest at our camp."

Georgia has been big for Ohio State recruiting in recent years, with more emphasis on recruiting the talent-rich state. In addition to several FBS prospects attending school at Lawrenceville, the high school is located in one of the most talented countys in the country -- Gwinnett. The county produces over 50 FBS prospects each year.

Coach Wofford also told 247Sports he intends on bringing in other in-state colleges as well, like Georgia State and Georgia Southern, for their June camp.

Ohio State rival Michigan will be attending a camp at Ellenwood Cedar Grove in Georgia on June 2. The Buckeyes certainly seems to be looking to make the satellite camp rounds. They were exploring participating in one in Jacksonville this summer as well.