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Former Ohio State basketball player involved in allegedly racially tinged melee in Israel

LaQuinton Ross was detained and video has surfaced of he and a teammate fighting a dozen or more men.

LaQuinton Ross' basketball career hasn't exactly gone according to script.

After an unsuccessful stint in Italy, Ross has settled into a reserve role for Hapoel Eilat B.C. in Israel.

Thursday night, Ross and fellow American teammate DeAndre Kane found themselves in a difficult situation outside a night club.

In troubling video that's since surfaced, the two basketball players were involved in a near riot, which they have since claimed was racially motivated:

The two would ultimately be detained, allegedly for scuffling with law enforcement, but later be released without any charges.

Talk about a scary situation to say the least.

Hopefully nobody was hurt and the legal process can get to the bottom of sorting everything out.