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Michigan Man Rich Eisen had to wear an Ohio State jersey because of a lost bet with Graham Rahal

*insert all the crying emojis*

Five months ago, noted Ohio State partisan Graham Rahal went on the Rich Eisen show.

Eisen, an outspoken Michigan fan/alum, challenged the Columbus, Ohio native to a friendly wager.

If Michigan won the 2015 Ohio State-UM game, Rahal would have to wear a Wolverines hat during race warmups at a race in April. If Ohio State won, Rich would have to wear Ohio State gear of Rahal's choosing the next time he came on his show:

Ever the man of his word, Eisen made good on his lost wager today:

Good on Rich for owning up to it. And best of luck to Rahal in this weekend's 2016 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.