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Cardale Jones goes all in on Twitter again, this time about the NCAA

Never a stranger to speaking his mind, Cardale does so once again.

Cardale Jones is no stranger to Twitter controversies.

Long before he boat raced Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game, shocked the world by beating Alabama in SEC country, and then led OSU to a comfortable win over Oregon in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, Jones' famed "we ain't come to play SCHOOL" Twitter rant earned him national infamy.

Though Jones worked long and hard to move beyond being associated as a one-trick pony with his Twitter tirade, Jones has never shied away from showing off his social media prowess. Whether it's inventing a new holiday or saying exactly what he thinks, what you see is what you get with one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Monday was no exception. Jones let everyone know his feelings on the NCAA and his perception that they profiteer on the labor of under-compensated student athletes:

Jones evidently has the support of at least one current Buckeye:

Proving that he learned a thing or two despite not originally "going to Ohio State" to do so, Jones even went on to correct a grammatical faux pas from one of his original tweets in the rant:

Never change, Cardale.