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Can Ohio State really get 100,000 fans to their spring game?

And should that many people even want to go? We discuss that, and more, on our latest podcast.

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Ohio State's spring game is this Saturday, and that's the last opportunity to watch some football-like substance over the next several months. The weather in Columbus is projected to be excellent, and given what an important recruiting weekend it is for the Buckeyes, Ohio State's football staff would like to see a huge turnout. Urban Meyer mentioned he'd love to see 100,000 people attend, which would break records.

Does Ohio State have a shot at hitting that attendance benchmark? Given what kind of game this is projected to be, should you even want to go?

Matt and Colton break this down on our latest podcast, along with the other major spring game storylines, like which players and position groups they'll be watching for, and they'll confidence levels with various players. They also hit the latest updates in Ohio State basketball recruiting news, satellite camps, and more.

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