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Braxton Miller threw the first pitch at Reds-Rockies and it was a strike

Let's make sure Braxton gets drafted by the Bengals so we can see this happen, like, once a week.

Leave it to Braxton Miller to make throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game even more fun than it would normally be. Typically, a celebrity guest who makes an appearance to toss out a ceremonial first pitch will step out wearing the jersey of the team playing with their own name on the back, wave for the crowd, proceed to gently toss a ball high and away (unless you're Ronald Reagan, then you throw two pitches) and move on. Braxton chose to make his pitch a little more fun, however.

Let's run down the list of things that made this so awesome.

-On the way out to the mound, Miller pulled off a spin move. You know, kinda like this one.

-He threw the pitch while Hang On Sloopy played throughout the stadium.

-He brought his son out with him.

-Before the pitch, he wore a signed Pete Rose jersey.

-He proceeded to play catch afterwards with one of the only players in baseball who can probably match his athleticism, in Billy Hamilton.

-He did this all while wearing a cabana hat.

-And most importantly, we actually got to watch Braxton Miller throw a ball for just the second time since 2013.

Well played, Braxton.