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Jets' Nick Mangold gave an earful to the Penguins bench

The former Ohio State lineman channeled the most rabid Buckeye fans for his local pro hockey team.

The Pittsburgh Penguins-New York Rangers' Game 3 on Tuesday night was a tense one.

1-1 after two periods, the Penguins toughed out a hard fought 3-1 victory to take a 2-1 series lead. But not for former Buckeye Nick Mangold's lack of trying.

The Jets' Pro Bowl center was on hand to cheer on his fellow New York professional team -- and he didn't exactly shy away from giving the visitors a piece of mind:

Mangold practically went full blown super fan at MSG:

#nickmangold killing #penguins bench. #lgr #letsgorangers

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Though his jeering didn't quite do the trick, there's always tomorrow: the Penguins and Rangers do it up again at 7 p.m. again in Manhattan.

(H/T: For The Win)