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Don't overreact to what you saw in the 2016 Ohio State spring game

We remind everybody not to get too excited over one performance.

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Ohio State's spring game is in the books, which means it is time to wildly overrate or completely overlook a few particular players and position groups, because hey, it's the only football-like substance we're going to have over the next several months.

Or, we could pump the brakes. I (Matt Brown) and Colton Denning discuss Ohio State's spring game in our latest podcast, and look to pump the brakes on any players that would be easy to get a bit too excited about after one spring game performance (like say, Torrance Gibson). They discuss how dumb and wrong they were for doubting Ohio State's ability to get to 100,000 fans, what insights they took from the game, which was more fun than either of them expected, and also why you need to learn how to cook this offseason.

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Or, you could just listen below: