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Ohio State's 2016 defense has some serious talent

Reloading, not rebuilding, is probably the proper term for Silver Bullets.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This past Saturday Buckeyes Nation made history, becoming the first school crazy enough about football to pack six digits worth of fans into a stadium -- in April.

If we've learned one thing from spring games over the years it's to not overreact. Guess what? J.T. Barrett is going to have better games. As for that offensive line? The two best players (center Pat Elflein and guard Billy Price) were both out because, you know, it was the spring game.

With that said, we got to watch some football for the first time since January, and that means that there is film to be broken down. Was the game ugly? Yes, but there were also young playmakers everywhere, and fans should be very excited about the 2016 edition of the Silver Bullets.

Columbus, meet Jerome Baker

Jerome Baker, formerly the number one prospect in all of Ohio in the 2015 recruiting class, is apparently the product if Darron Lee and Odell Beckham Jr. were to somehow have a kid together. Ohio State's new SAM linebacker, Baker obviously faced doubts that he could replicate Lee's ability as a spread offense's worst nightmare. While it will take a lot to replicate the future first round picks play on the field, Baker appears to be doing just fine so far.

And get this: my favorite part of this play isn't even the interception! It's that OHIO STATE FINALLY STOPPED A THROWBACK PASS. It seems like every week a team dials up a tight end or full back delay, throwback pass, and it routinely roasts the Buckeyes. Apparently not this year, as Baker did a fantastic job of staying home and putting himself in a position to let his unreal athleticism take over.

Rashod Berry could be a name worth remembering

While Ohio State has a recent history of giving defense players numbers with no real rhyme or reason (Sam Hubbard is No. 6, Raekwon McMillan is No. 5), there's still just something about watching a defensive player with a lower number excel. Don't believe me? Watch this:

With the jersey tucked in behind his back plate and the No. 13, it's safe to say that Berry would be rocking the Zeke-crop jersey if the NCAA wasn't so lame. Looking past the atrocious block attempt by the left tackle for a second, Berry shows unnerving speed for a defensive end.  At 6'4, 245 lbs Berry is built to be a nightmare off the edge, and as every football fan knows, every backup is always just one play away from being a starter. Plays like the above is very encouraging for an Ohio State defensive line that's losing three starters.

Denzel Ward can run and hit, and it is fun to watch

You might remember Denzel Ward, No. 12, as that really fast guy on the kickoff team from last year who made a few plays for himself. Now? You know him as the (allegedly) fastest Ohio State Buckeye, and a corner who isn't afraid to drop his shoulder and make a hit.

Yes, Weber had already taken contact and wasn't exactly in a position to put up much of a fight against Ward, but still: WOW.

Often when we think of words like "fast" and "corner", these are not the types of hits that come to mind. Seconds later, Ward came untouched off the edge and sacked Barrett. Can it be September already?