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Science confirms that Cardale Jones has an absolute cannon for an arm

The former Ohio State quarterback was featured on ESPN's "Sports Science."

You don't need to be an expert to know that Cardale Jones, if nothing else, has an absolute cannon for an arm.

Ohio State won a Big Ten and a national title in 2015 in large part due to Jones' ability to drop bombs into the hands of Devin Smith. Just a few weeks ago at the Ohio State Spring game Jones out threw J.T. Barrett from a standstill despite Barrett getting a running start.

Well now we have some hard science to back up the obvious as Jones was recently featured on ESPN's popular "Sports Science" segment. The segment, which has also featured Buckeyes like Ezekiel Elliott in the past measured Jones' velocity and accuracy on a number of different throws.

So how did he do? Well, from his knees Jones delivered a 53mph pass which is actually six percent harder than the typical "hard" pass delivered in an NFL game.  Time will tell if Cardale Jones has the intangibles to make it in the NFL but at 6'5 and 240 pounds with an arm like that he unquestionably has the physical tools.