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Watch the moment the Lions knew they were drafting Taylor Decker

It was a night to remember as Decker and four other Buckeyes heard their names called at the NFL Draft.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

"John, tell him to write down this name: Taylor Decker"

– Lions GM Bob Quinn

After watching the San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants select Buckeyes with their first pick, it was time for the Detroit Lions to do the same.

With the No.16 pick, the Lions went out to get an offensive lineman. It only made sense that they nabbed Taylor Decker.

The Lions posted a video of what was happening the moments before GM Bob Quinn and the Lions pulled the trigger on their pick. After a phone call that included Decker talking to Quinn, head coach Jim Caldwell and majority owner Martha Firestone Ford, the pick was official – and the fourth Buckeye was taken off the board.

"I didn’t take a visit there, and it seemed they had interest in me at the beginning and then it fell off," he said. "It was a huge surprise to me and the best surprise I’ve ever gotten."

– Joey Bosa on being drafted to the San Diego Chargers (Columbus Dispatch)

It was known that Joey Bosa was going to be drafted early in the first round. The only questions were when and where. At the No.3 pick, the San Diego Chargers answered both of those questions.

To Bosa's surprise, he would be playing professional football with a lightning bolt on his helmet, and a place that had warm weather that reminded him of home.

"I can’t wait to be on the coast again. I get to go to the beach, get to enjoy the sun, the boat," said Bosa in the story written by Bill Rabinowitz.

Since the day he was recruited to be a Buckeye, the dream was to get drafted. That 2013 recruiting class has shown to be an absolute juggernaut, as Elliott, Darron Lee and Eli Apple all got their named called by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday night.

The quote pulled at the end of the Bosa story is perfect: "I’m sure back then, we all had no idea we would be here getting picked in the first round," Bosa said. "It’s a dream come true."

"OSU grooms its players to play on the next level. If you're a recruit & a little hesitant, don't think twice."

The official Ohio State Buckeyes Twitter account

When you get five members of your squad drafted, it becomes an instant marketing tool. After the 'Buckeye Five' found out what teams they were going to play professional ball for, they sounded off on the effect Ohio State had on getting them to the grandest level of professional football.

As Zeke said, Ohio State gets its players to play on the next level. Lee chimed in and said the facilities are second to none. Also, Lee made a mention about how coach Mick [Marotti] will "get you right".

Strength and conditioning is one of the important aspects to getting athlete's bodies in shape for football. Since Marotti rolled into Columbus under the Urban Meyer regime, bodies have been chiseled, and the performance on the field has reached record breaking levels.

If you were a recruit with NFL ambitions, Ohio State is the place you want to be. Just look at what happened last night.


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