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Kentucky commit Landon Young says his Urban Meyer criticisms were misquoted

A potential end to the three-day controversy.

In a not wholly surprising (if not out and out predictable) end to the Landon Young-Urban Meyer "controversy", Young today tweeted a statement from his personal Twitter account claiming that his interview with SEC Country were taken out of context.

The quotes that were attributed to me in an article last week were mistaken and in no way reflect my feelings toward coach Urban Meyer and the Ohio State program. I have a tremendous amount of respect for coach Meyer, his assistants and that program. Coach was honest and frank with me and he, and his staff, treated me with a great amount of respect during my visit. My explanation of the camp treatment was that i thought it was actually somewhat funny and startling that coach Meyer was so honest and frank with me.

I am sorry that this situation became so public and that it brought negativity to coach Meyer, his staff and program because that was never my intent.

Meyer said yesterday that he had a lot of respect for Young and regretted not giving him a scholarship offer earlier. Meyer added that he'd spoken to his staff about Young's feelings in an attempt to address those concerns.

Last week in an interview with SEC Country, Young didn't hold anything back:

I was at Ohio State having a private meeting with Urban Meyer. I had gone up to camp there, and they had treated me like a piece of meat, just treated me like crap. By that time, I was a four-star tackle. I weighed about 270 [pounds], and I was 6-7.

I wasn't even on their radar. I came back up after they offered me. Four straight days, I got (offers from) the University of Cincinnati, Alabama, Auburn and then Ohio State. I went up and said, ‘Coach (Meyer), what was the reason that you all of a sudden offered me?' He said, ‘We looked at your tape, and it was pretty good and I saw interest in that.' I said, ‘Well coach, back when I was just committing to Kentucky and keeping my options open, I came up to a camp and sent you my film and everything, and you didn't even reply. It seemed like y'all just deleted it.'

He said, ‘Well, if you look back at that time, you were how big?' I said, ‘6-7, 270, just like I am now.' He said, ‘Well, you were an insubstantial tackle, an insubstantial player,' so he was saying I (didn't) even amount to being able to be recruited by Ohio State as a four-star tackle. He said, ‘Now what offers did you have?' I said, ‘I had my one from Kentucky,' and he said, ‘Well, you were an insubstantial player with insubstantial offers from an insubstantial school.'

It might be tough at face value to see how a teenager could think he was being funny, but misunderstandings and irregularities occur on the regular with teenagers unacclimated to doing interviews. It's likely Young and Ohio State both move on from here without further incidence. Should be interesting to see if Young sticks with Kentucky throughout his recruiting process.