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Watch Cardale Jones tear off his shirt to celebrate the Bills drafting him

Cardale Jones is pretty much the greatest.

Yeah, a vocal, pointed group of Ohio State fans won't shy away from criticizing the lack of consistency during his victory lap season with the Buckeyes, but the guy is undefeated as a starter, undefeated on social media, and one of the easiest to root for OSU football players in recent memory.

On top of his Big Ten, Sugar Bowl, and national championships, Cardale's never one to shy away from giving us moments to celebrate. And boy did he ever have one Saturday.

After having a two day wait to hear his name called and his ascension to the NFL complete, a friend or acquaintance of the newest member of the Buffalo Bills captured this amazing, hilarious celebration that's perfectly Cardale in just about every way:

The fun didn't stop there. One of his boys chased him down to make sure they celebrated his dreams coming true in style:

12 Gauge will be missed in Columbus, for sure.