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Ohio State's Scarlet Team finally lays down mulch after losing Spring Game

As the losers of the spring game back in April, the Scarlet team had to lay down some mulch in a prominent part of campus

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

"The Buckeyes' football team – at least half of them – are back to work in Columbus...doing yard work."

Eric Sager, Eleven Warriors

As a recent tradition, the losing side of the spring game has to put down fresh mulch on Buckeye Grove – the well known spot next to the Shoe that houses buckeye trees for all the All-American selections.

With the Scarlet team losing to the Gray team back on April 16, 28-17, it was time for them to get to work (or lack thereof).

Last week, Pat Elflein was inside the Shoe collecting his degree from Ohio State. Today, he was out movin' mulch.

Will Smith's Buckeye tree got some decorations. Smith was recently shot and killed in New Orleans in early April.

""You won’t play forever," they said. "Start making plans for the future now instead of later," they warned us."

– Na'il Diggs, The Cauldron

You here the story time and time again: Professional athletes squandering their money from their pro days. But what happens when the athlete isn't the solely responsible for the financial demise?

In a piece written by former NFLer Na'il Diggs, he talked about how the financial institutions that were supposed to guide him, instead took advantage of him.

From buying a house when the housing market was about to pop, to the impending high mortgage rates, Diggs talks about the headache of dealing with the financial side of being an athlete – while at the same time, worrying about a) how many more playing days one has left and b) saving money for the future.

It's a riveting read, and opens your eyes to the fact that athletes are taken advantage of.

Look at the case of Columbus Blue Jacket Jack Johnson. It wasn't a bank that took advantage of him; it was his own parents.

Tournament Play Begins

For Buckeyes women's tennis, it's time for the NCAA Tournament. On Friday, the No.4 seeded Buckeyes hosted the opening round of the tournament. While UCLA and Notre Dame duked it out earlier in the morning, the Buckeyes had the task of taking on Youngstown State.

The Buckeyes jumped out to a 1-0 lead, and continued to not look back.

With the 4-0 win, Ohio State will play back at home on Saturday against UCLA at 4 p.m. The winner of that contest will move onto the Round of 16.

Ohio State is all over the place in post-spring Top 25s. With all of their roster losses, should we consider Ohio State a top ten team? The Big Ten favorite? Something else? Our Luke Zimermann broke it down on the LGHL Facebook page earlier today. You can watch the full video above.


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