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Ohio State wrestler Kyle Snyder looking to add Olympic gold to high-profile career

Kyle Snyder already has an NCAA championship under his belt and looks to add an even bigger one on an international stage.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

"Well I just feel like there is so much more that I haven't done yet in the sport. Even if I win the 2016 Olympics, I still know that I'm going to be extremely motivated because my goal is to master the sport of wrestling."

- Kyle Snyder via Giustino Bovenzi, Campus Rush

Ohio State's Kyle Snyder, a NCAA champion this year, is looking to take the next step in his career by competing in the Olympics. Snyder is already a 2015 world title winner, a U.S. Open championship winner, and a Pan Am Games champion. Now he'll compete on the largest possible stage, chasing a gold medal in a sport that he'll be favored to at the very least medal in. Whether it's gold or not is what will have to be decided, it seems. Snyder has certainly made his mark on the sport of wrestling and he'll be hoping to continue his rise in late August, when his first match in Brazil is scheduled.

Snyder is going through a tough training regimen as well, spending a large part of his time in the gym working with several other standouts in wrestling and even a rival, Nick Gwiazdowski, whom Snyder beat at Madison Square Garden earlier this year to win the NCAA heavweight national championship. With his workouts going twice, sometimes even three times a day, there's no question Snyder is preparing himself as much as possible for the Olympic games. He's determined to represent the United States and will have to have a great performance to accomplish his goal of the gold.

"I always felt like I was doing enough, but obviously I wasn't, and when I got in the office I thought coach Meyer was going to sugarcoat some things, but he didn't sugar coat anything. He kept it all the way real with me and gave me a list of things I had to do to step up my game and my dad was all for it. It was what it was."

- Adolphus Washington via Chris Brown,

Former Ohio State defensive tackle Adolphus Washington ended a solid college career with the Buckeyes this past season and is taking the next step in the NFL after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the third round of the 2016 NFL draft. But Washington wasn't always as confident in his play until a talk with his father and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer set him straight. Washington almost stopped playing football altogether in his junior season until after that meeting, and fortunately, Washington thrived from that point on. Meyer made it very clear to Washington's father that his play on the field up to that point had left some to be desired and it could potentially cost him playing time.

Washington had felt like he was being singled out by the defensive coaching staff at the time, but his father assured him that if the coaching staff wasn't yelling at him, that's when Washington should be concerned. After the meeting, Washington turned it on in a big way on the field, and helped Ohio State make a national championship run. He then followed it up by helping anchor one of the best defensive lines in the Big Ten alongside Joey Bosa en route to another strong season and a Fiesta Bowl win against Notre Dame.

"I think it's great. Obviously I know how much (Jent) loves Ohio, how much he loves Ohio State and I think it's great for the program to get a basketball mind like that. I've got a long history with him, and it's great to see him back in Columbus."

- LeBron James via Adam Jardy, The Columbus Dispatch

The hiring and return of Chris Jent to Thad Matta's coaching staff at Ohio State was clearly a good move for the program. Jent had been an assistant coach with the Buckeyes before and returned after Ohio State's Jeff Boals was hired by Stony Brook. To add to that, the move was supported by none other than Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, who had played for Jent in the past. Jent was an assistant coach for the Cavs from 2006-11. It's also worth noting that James has said before that if he had played college instead of jumping straight to the NBA that he would have ended up at Ohio State because he grew up in Akron. LeBron has always hung around Ohio State's sporting events, specifically the football games, and certainly considers himself a fan.

While with the Cavs before leaving for Miami, James spent his offseasons training and working on his shooting specifically with Jent. He even goes as far as giving Jent  'a lot' of credit for improving his game in his time with Cleveland. If Jent ever needed a high-profile endorsement, it seems as though James has him covered and that's always good news for Ohio State.