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Joey Bosa wants the comparisons to J.J. Watt to end, and rightfully so

The former Buckeye is done with the lazy comparison.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

"New San Diego Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa apparently is ready to move on from the constant comparisons to other NFL players, like Houston Texans do-everything defensive end J.J. Watt."

-Eric D. Williams,

Joey Bosa has heard the comparisons forever now. He's a talented defensive player, and he's white, so he's drawn endless comparisons to the Houston Texans' J.J. Watt. But as Land-Grant Holy Land's editor-in-chief Luke Zimmermann wrote in early March before the draft, the comparisons should stop there. Bosa recently voiced his displeasure for the comparison on Twitter, saying, "Can we stop with the comparisons please?" ESPN's Eric D. Williams points out this is likely pointed at Jeffri Chadiha of saying that he should have a similar impact on the field as Watt.

Being compared to J.J. Watt is undoubtedly a compliment. He's one of the best players in the NFL right now (and a lot of people will tell you he is the best), but they're different players. Williams says that Bosa didn't help himself by selecting the No. 99 to wear on the field, but that really just reiterates that there's a lot of people reaching to try to make comparisons of the two, and it's not really fair to Bosa. Bosa also told Williams that he's tried to emulate Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks, and well as Tamba Hali of the Kansas City Chiefs. But make no mistake, Joey Bosa is his own man, and will continue to let his game speak for himself, and nobody else.

"Something struck me about New Orleans Saints second-round picks Michael Thomas and Vonn Bell at the team's rookie minicamp this past weekend. It was confidence."

-Larry Holder,

Michael Thomas and Vonn Bell were fortunate enough to be drafted by the same NFL team, a team that needs the help of both individuals.'s Larry Holder discusses the winning attitude that the two bring coming from Ohio State, having won a national championship and coming from a winning atmosphere. While the Saints won the Super Bowl back in 2009, many of the pieces from that team have come and gone. Holder feels that the winning swagger that the two bring could help the locker room.

Thomas told Holder, "We're from Ohio State. We always want to compete. We always want to win. That's just how we were brought up." You wouldn't expect anything less from a player that has been seasoned by Urban Meyer and his staff. Vonn Bell won't see as much time early on, but will be able to learn under veteran safety Jairus Byrd. The Saints staff seems to know that both guys are playmakers, which could be said just about most players selected in the draft. But they possess the mentality, work ethic, and football I.Q. that goes along with becoming a high level player in the NFL. They have a lot to learn, and there's no questioning that. But they certainly have the right mindset, and skill set to learn faster than others.

"The Dallas Cowboys have started to sign their draft picks, and began the process with first-rounder Ezekiel Elliott."

-Todd Archer, ESPN

The Dallas Cowboys have officially locked in their future franchise running back, former Buckeye Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke signed his contract today, a four-year deal that's worth $24.9 million, including a $16.3 million signing bonus. Elliott is carrying the hopes and dreams of the Dallas Cowboys fanbase, in providing them with similar production to that of DeMarco Murray, when the team went 12-4. Murray rushed for 1,845 yards that season, the most in the NFL. That's a bit much to ask of a rookie, but if there's a guy that's up for the challenge, it has to be Zeke.

Elliott is in a good situation in Dallas. The team is pretty much set on offense, with standout wide receiver Dez Bryant, and quarterback Tony Romo. The key for them will certainly be staying healthy. Romo was plagued with injuries all year last season, and Bryant played in nine of 16 games due to injury as well. Elliott's ability to not only run effectively, but also catch passes and blocking should make him one of the more key pieces to that team once he's able to get his feet wet and really learn the NFL game and speed. At the very least, he should be able to help them win more than four games.