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Ohio State's late round draftees may have found excellent homes in the NFL

An undefeated college quarterback, three year starter at linebacker, an all around playmaker, and a senior captain make up the rest of the Buckeyes' elite draft class

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to part three of our analysis on Ohio State's 2016 draftees. You can read part one here, and part two here.

No. 102 - LB Joshua Perry to the San Diego Chargers

Joshua was going to be a good fit anywhere he landed with his great combination of size, speed, and production, and the result is sunny California alongside former teammate Joey Bosa. Perry has an interesting fit in the Chargers' 3-4 defense, as the switch to one of the two middle linebacker positions will involve a learning curve for Perry (his college position was as the Will linebacker in the Buckeyes' 4-3 scheme). Joshua is capable of holding his own in the middle against the run game, but may struggle initially in coverage against quick running backs and tight ends. No one is doubting if Perry can contribute to a NFL football team, the question is whether that contribution will come two or three downs at a time.

  • Perry's first interview with the Chargers can be found here. Don't get your hopes up for anything too crazy, as Perry provides his usual dose of intelligent and well thought out answers. What's new.
  • Looking fresh Joshua!

From San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco:

"His football makeup and intangibles are great...He's very tough. Urban Meyer spoke very, very highly of him. That's a program with a lot of NFL prospects and big-time NFL players, and he's one of their best players...I think he'll be able to do some different things in our defense as he gets older."

No. 139 - QB Cardale Jones to the Buffalo Bills

Good news and bad news for the only undefeated quarterback in Ohio State history. The good news is that Cardale Jones enters the NFL on a team with no real franchise quarterback, but enough competency at the position (Tyrod Taylor) that Jones should be able to sit on the bench and learn for a year or two without too much hoopla. The bad news is that Taylor and EJ Manuel are not exactly the ideal veteran quarterbacks for Jones to learn from, and Rex Ryan's history with quarterbacks is pretty uh... far from okay.

  • Despite Ryan's history of quarterback incompetence (in Ryan's defense, he is a defensive oriented football coach), Jones is already a big fan. How big of a fan? Jones remarked that Ryan may actually be Jones' long lost father. Ryan didn't agree, because of the one obvious difference between the two: arm strength.
  • Cardale, in typical Cardale fashion, was very excited to be drafted. Very excited:

From New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan:

"Well obviously he's got the physical gifts you look for, there's no question about that. You notice the stature and he's got a big arm and all that, but you also notice that he's just going through everything like it's spinning right now. He's throwing behind guys—he doesn't know where he's going with it right now. He's got a long way to go."

Undrafted Free Agent - WR Jalin Marshall to the New York Jets

While Marshall's path to a top receiver position is crowded on a depth chart with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Devin Smith, it would not be surprising at all to see Marshall returning kicks for the Jets on opening weekend. A fearless punt returner in college, Marshall should be expected to immediately contribute on special teams while he continues to learn the nuances of the receiver position. It was disappointing to not see Marshall drafted, as an extra year in college would have almost assuredly changed Marshall's draft outlook for 2017.

  • Fun stuff from Jalin in his 'Path to the Pros'  video feature. Highlights include Jalin going through a phase of wearing a Mike Vick Falcons jersey to school everyday, and that Marshall had always dreamed of attending Ohio State.
  • It's safe to say Marshall looks good in green:

Jalin Marshall himself on how it is to join fellow former Buckeyes Devin Smith and Darron Lee in New York:

"Me and Devin are real close...We became real, real close over the years at Ohio State. He was almost like a brother. We bonded and I'm glad to be here with him. He said just go to work and everything will be all right...D-Lee came in here today and we both have to make a statement for ourselves...and really just show we're here to play and help this team win."

Undrafted Free Agent - SAF Tyvis Powell to the Seattle Seahawks

Tyvis enters the Seahawks in a good situation because he should be able to serve as a backup for both Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. Powell routinely played the center field free safety role that Thomas plays for the Seahawks, but Tyvis also regularly rolled up and played around the line of scrimmage, much like Chancellor. However, there have been some very interesting advancements in Powell's role during the Seahawks rookie camp. Namely, Powell has been getting a lot of work in as an outside corner in the Seahawks cover three scheme. With Powell's length and speed, he is an ideal fit for Pete Carroll, and could become Carroll's latest undervalued corner.

  • Whether or not Powell sticks as a corner or safety with the Seahawks, look for Powell to be all over the place on special teams. In coach Urban Meyer's own words, Powell was one of Ohio State's special team 'Aces'.
  • One of the fun parts about the NFL draft is getting to relive so many great plays from the player's career, like this one:

From Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll:

"Wow, what a great looking kid he is. Golly... Big and strong, he runs well, he had great workouts, he had a nice career playing ball there. ... He looks like a tremendous athlete. Fits in the mold. He ran in the 4.4s. ... Real bright kid and upbeat kid, so he's off to a good start with us."