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Bret Bielema: '[Arkansas] need to be a little more (Steph) Curry and a little less LeBron'

The gift that keeps on giving yields once again.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, Bret Bielema.

The Southeastern Conference's king of gab just doesn't know when to quit.

While previously he's shown inclinations that he couldn't stop thinking about Urban Meyer and Ohio State and then even when he's not trying to talk about them failed to do so, his latest talking point du jour casts a broader net over Ohio sports.

During a Tuesday press conference, Bielema tried (and failed) to land a metaphor about Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and the Cleveland Cavailiers' LeBron James that'll make even the most die hard Steph Stans groan:

The same LeBron James who's been to six straight NBA Finals, winning two, and hoisting two NBA Finals MVP and four league MVP trophies for his troubles.

LeBron's noteworthiness for being one of the more selfless teammates in the NBA aside, if Arkansas was able to emulate what either player brought from a team chemistry stand point, they'd probably be pretty well off. The Razorbacks limped to an 8-5 season dropping games to Toledo and Texas Tech and finishing the season unranked after beginning in the Top 20.

Alas, at least Bielema realized when he was playing with fire, even if but a little too late:

Can't walk that one back, coach.