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Urban Meyer, Gene Smith and Thad Matta join Cleveland Cavaliers championship celebration

Of course they're excited. Isn't everybody?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In case you somehow missed the news, the good people of Cleveland decided to have a little get-together to celebrate the accomplishments of their local basketball team. And by little get-together, I mean a massive parade attended by 1.3 million people. Everybody and their brother is in Cleveland today, celebrating the lifting of a decades-long professional sports curse.

Included in that everybody? Some of the biggest names in Ohio State athletics, like Urban Meyer, Thad Matta, and Gene Smith.

The crew also found time to celebrate with another Ohio sports legend, Jim Brown.

And it wouldn't be a party in Ohio without an appearance from the Ohio State band, right?

It makes sense that Ohio State's coaches would want to come be a part of the moment. LeBron has made multiple appearances at Ohio State football games and is a noted fan of the program, and he even has a dang locker in Ohio State basketball's locker room. Meyer, of course, is also from Northeast Ohio.

No word on whether the three decided to join the rest of the Cavs and party shirtless, although it appears that Gene Smith, at least, noticed a few fans who had.

What a celebration. Go Cavs.