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Former Ohio State CB Eli Apple has his mom drop him off for his first day of practice

Some things never change.

NFL Draft - Red Carpet Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

Remember the good old days when your mom would take you to school or practice when you were younger, and you couldn’t do it yourself? For Eli Apple, former Ohio State cornerback and now New York Giant, this situation is still valid.

He’s already had several weeks of practices behind him, but Annie Apple—the best mom in football—posted a pair of videos on Twitter where she was still taking her son to practice. She was eating it up, and Eli was trying to play it cool.

You know how moms can be:

Annie Apple is going to be in the spotlight more regularly come the NFL season, when she’ll start working with ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown. She should be able to provide a unique perspective that we haven’t seen on the show, specifically with topics outside of football.

But it’s great to see mother-son relationships like the one between Eli and Annie Apple. It should be fun to see what these two do during the 2016 NFL season.