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Pokemon Go Bucks? Ohio State’s stadium evidently a hot bed for catching ‘em all

If you haven’t caught Pokémon Go fever, consider yourself among the fortunate.

Columbus has rapidly become a hot bed for aspiring Pokémon trainers with folks walking, riding their bikes, and driving all around town on the quest to be the very best like no one ever was.

For those not initiated, the game is an ARG, or alternate reality game, that uses your iPhone or Android device to turn run-of-the-mill GPS navigation into a means to collect mythical creatures only you and other players of the game can see. Once you capture those virtual characters, you can participate in battles, for fun, against fellow Pokémon enthusiasts.

Though the game’s not been without its fair share of controversies, it came to light over the weekend that the Ohio State Buckeyes’ own Ohio Stadium was harboring Pokémon — seemingly at the 50-yard line no less:

The official account for OSU’s mascot, Brutus Buckeye, appeared to confirm as much Monday afternoon in a later deleted tweet:

While probably not a rare enough breed to merit facing potential trespassing charges in an attempt to capture it, that’s surely not stopping some brave young Buckeyes from considering giving it the ol’ college try.

The New York Jets’ (and former OSU standout) Darron Lee sure seems to be one of them:

Just don’t take the idea too seriously. After deleting the tweet, the official Brutus Buckeye account took back to social media to remind students and hardcore Pokémon trainers of the greater Columbus area alike that OSU facilities are not fair game for Pokémon Go:

Maybe if they’re still there when the season starts? Better start looking for game tickets now.