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Braxton Miller’s only concern with the Houston Texans is making plays

Good news: That’s what he does.

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

“When asked on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday to define his role as a rookie, Miller had a simple response: ‘Playmaker.’”

- Kevin Patra,

Braxton Miller’s role with the Houston Texans has often been described as multidimensional by the team due to his multiple abilities on the football field. He was also drafted as a wide receiver, after playing his final season with the Buckeyes at h-back. He’s got the speed, strength, and shiftiness to do whatever is asked of him out on the field. But Miller doesn’t seem so concerned with putting a title on what he’s going to be classified on the field. As he told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday, he just plans on making plays.

"Just a playmaker. I'll play slot, outside, inside, play running back. Just whatever is in the game plan. I'm capable of playing any position," he told SiriusXM NFL Radio. That’s pretty much the mentality that Miller and any Buckeye to wear the scarlet and gray under Urban Meyer have acted. They’re willing to do what the team needs them to do to win. Miller knows his best strength is making plays, and he doesn’t care how he does it. He wants to do it, and he wants the team to win. His move to the pro game will be something that will be more interesting to watch, just because of his lack of experience outside of the quarterback position. But Miller feels that he’s made good adjustments, and will be able to contribute.

“The results of Russell’s offseason regiment have been seen on the floor at the Las Vegas Summer League, where he is averaging 22.7 points through three games.”

- Joey Ramirez,

D’Angelo Russell is having a good offseason thus far for the Los Angeles Lakers, and it’s something he’s needed after a good, but frustrating and controversial rookie season. He’s been performing great in the NBA summer league games, but his strength and conditioning is going up a notch. Lakers strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco has been working with Russell, who seems to have the drive and hunger to get better.

One way this has showed, is his ability to post up smaller opponents. Russell has great size for a point guard at 6’5, and with his weightlifting and increased strength, he’s been able to take advantage of that more now than ever. DiFrancesco has been putting a focus in on Russell’s lower half, which is obviously key in the game of basketball. The drive Russell is able to get from his lower half is huge, especially when you have footwork as good as his. “He really wants to be able to have people see that he’s not just like an average athlete,” DiFrancesco told Ramirez. If Russell keeps this up, he’ll certainly show people just that.

“Last summer Jared Sullinger embarked on a personal improvement journey that turned out to be a waste of time.”

- Mark Murphy, Boston Herald

Jared Sullinger had a great offseason last year. He lost weight, and improved his conditioning, but it unfortunately went to waste during the season, where he apparently weighed over 300 pounds. Now, that’s different when you stand at 6’9 like Sullinger, but that’s still a big frame. Sullinger wasn’t happy with himself and how he let the hard work get away, and he didn’t perform as well as he believed he could have in a contract year. “Jared understands that if he had controlled his situation better, his options would have been better,” his agent David Falk told Murphy.

But now Sullinger is in Toronto, on a one-year deal worth $6 million. While it’s not the most ideal situation, Sullinger is still on an Eastern Conference playoff caliber team, and has another chance to prove himself. The NBA’s salary cap will be going up once again next year, and if he’s able to make a big impact in Toronto, it will pay off just as it did for Bismack Biyombo this past season. And he’s aware of what he needs to do. “What happened the last two weeks has been major wake-up call for him,” Falk told Murphy. “He’s in the gym twice a day. He knows what he has to do.” It’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out for Sully in Boston, but with a change of scenery and a second chance, he can more than make up for it moving forward.

“‘Ebner’s chances [to make the team] were slim,’ but when asked a follow-up he changed ‘the odds to 50-50.’”

- United States Rugby head coach Mike Friday, via Rich Hill, Pats Pulpit

The United States Rugby Sevens Olympic team will be announced on July 18, and former Ohio State Buckeye Nate Ebner is hoping to see his name on the roster. Ebner was a big rugby star before he joined the Buckeyes football team, and has always kept the rugby dream in his mind, especially in honor of his father. Now, he’s got the chance as rugby makes its first Olympic appearance in 92 years.

If Ebner makes the squad, the Olympics will overlap with the start of training camp, but all indications through the offseason have shown head coach Bill Belichick being fine with this. “Even though he will be away from our team during an important period of our off-season, he will still be getting excellent physical training and I expect him to be ready for the football season like he always is,” Patriots head coach Bill Belichick told the LA Times. While his odds are apparently 50-50 to make the team