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Terrelle Pryor's 5-year ban from Ohio State is over

The former Buckeye quarterback is no longer banned from the program.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

"It's over, it's great. He'd be welcomed back with open arms. He's a grown man now."

- Gene Smith via Doug Lesmerises,

After five long years, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is no longer banned from the program. Due to his involvement in the 2011 NCAA sanctions put on the Buckeyes, Pryor was banned from the team and disassociated by way of a letter from athletic director Gene Smith. Now, Smith says Pryor would be welcomed back with open arms after the ban was complete on Tuesday. Pryor has been back to Ohio Stadium as recently as last year but only due to practice being held for the Cleveland Browns at the 'Shoe. A year ago Pryor also mentioned his desire to return at some point down the line, perhaps even to speak to current Ohio State players about the importance of not taking gifts or things and being smart about situations in general.

Of course, his ban being lifted doesn't mean Pryor will be around all the time, either. But it does allow for him to act as any other former Ohio State player can - by going to games, working out in the team's facilities, and maybe even showing up to some spring games if he wants. Despite the ugly ending, Pryor did make his mark at Ohio State, including a win over Oregon in the Rose Bowl in 2009, a game that at the time helped turn the program back in the right direction from its bowl struggles.

"Ohio State - J.T. Barrett"

- Austin Ward, ESPN

ESPN is going through the list of top 25 teams in the country and looking at which player on each team you would want to have one play from the one yard line with. For Ohio State, the answer was J.T. Barrett. It's really a no-brainer for a couple of reasons. For one, the junior quarterback won the job eventually over Cardale Jones last season in large part because the staff used Barrett once the Buckeyes entered the red zone and the team looked more like its 2014 self in those instances. In addition to his redzone prowess, Barrett is a strong running threat, especially in short yardage situations. His game sense and smarts have been praised in the past along with his leadership and at the end of the day, he's exactly who Ohio State will want to have the ball in those situations.

Some other notables were LSU and Leonard Fournette, Michigan and tight end Jake Butt, Oklahoma and running back Samaje Perine, Florida State and Dalvin Cook, and Alabama's Bo Scarbrough. I think there's a chance you could argue that Mike Weber would also be a good pick for Ohio State, due to his wrecking ball style of running and his shorter stature. Expect Weber to be pounding the ball inside in those situations for the Buckeyes this season as well.

"Speaking at Big Ten Media Days on Tuesday, Urban Meyer said there's 'no chance' Dunn will be welcomed back to the team."

- Ari Wasserman,

Speaking of Mike Weber, last week it was pretty much a given that he would earn the starting spot after the dismissal of running back Bri'onte Dunn, and now it's all but finished. Head coach Urban Meyer said on Tuesday at the Big Ten media days that he expects Weber to be the starting running back come the start of the season. Ohio State still has tremendous depth if need be behind Weber, including Curtis Samuel, Dontre Wilson and early enrollee Antonio Williams. While this may seem it doesn't mean much, it does indicate that there's zero possibility of Dunn perhaps being reinstated to the program at a later time, which has happened in the past with situations similar to this when charges were dropped.

You can pretty much book that Weber will be the starter come Sept. 3 when the Buckeyes host Bowling Green. With not having to play Oklahoma until the third week of the season, Ohio State has plenty of time to sort out its gameplan and how the running back situation will work. It's not out of the realm of possibility that there will be carries for all of the above listed, especially Curtis Samuel and Dontre Wilson. For now, it seems it's Weber's job to lose, which is a great position for him to be in to showcase what he can do on Saturdays this fall.