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Joey Bosa’s far from the Chargers’ first lengthy holdout

We’re still waiting on the outcome of the ‘Great San Diego Compromise of 2016’.

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Atlanta Braves v San Diego Padres Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

“This impasse is rooted in differences about how soon Bosa will receive his payments on a $17 million signing bonus and whether offset language will be included in the contract to protect the team in the long-shot event that Bosa is released before his fourth season.”

– Jarrett Bell, USA Today Sports

As the NFL preseason is well underway, Joey Bosa is still a holding out from the San Diego Chargers. Now, the recently drafted third overall pick enters a holdout fraternity with other notable Chargers.

Antonio Gates, who called out Bosa for not signing already, was part of a holdout that went deep into the 2005 training camp – which netted him a suspension for failing to report to camp on time. LaDainian Tomlinson and the Bolts were stuck at an impasse entering his rookie season in 2001. For both of these holdouts, they came to an end around the 22nd of August in their respective year.

In Bosa’s case, the holdout is surrounded around the guarantee money and the offset language in the fourth year of the deal. The USA Today article says that the Chargers want to move around $7 million of the bonus to the end of March. Deferring bonuses is something that has happened to even the No. 1 picks in recent years. However, the offset language appears to favor the Chargers, as if something happens to Bosa (i.e. gets cut from team), then they aren’t on the hook for his contract.

From the surface, it appears that both parties are at some level of fault for not having Bosa sign his rookie deal. But, the Chargers have a history of holdouts from rookies – or in Eli Manning’s case, forcing a trade out of San Diego – in recent memory. While the whole story is yet to be told, the fact that holdouts from quite a few players in recent times paints a picture that management might be the ones at higher fault.

All we know is this: the NFL is missing out on having Joey Bosa on the professional gridiron.

"I continue to get better,'' he said. "I want to get better and make plays when I have an opportunity. I control what I can control and try do the best I can.''

Terrelle Pryor, as reported by Mary Kay Cabot (

With Bosa waiting to suit up in an NFL jersey, former Buckeye quarterback Terrelle Pryor is showing what he can as a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns.

Thursday, Browns QB Robert Griffin III dialed downtown on a 50-yard pass to Pryor – which scored a touchdown. While it’s only the preseason, Pryor again flashed his playmaking ability by beating Pro Bowler Desmond Trufant down the sideline. This is now the second time in as many weeks that Pryor has yielded a big-yardage play on the receiving end.

The encouragement of head coach Hue Jackson to bring Pryor to Cleveland is starting to pay dividends. However, there is still some work to do. Jackson told that, “[Pryor] made some huge plays. But he's got to continue to get better.”

In the end, though, the Browns lost to the Atlanta Falcons, 24-13. This preseason, the Browns are 0-2, and have remaining dates with Tampa Bay (Aug. 26) and Chicago (Sept. 1) before starting the 2016-2017 regular season campaign.

With that being said, Pryor is on the right path to be the next Buckeye to have a breakout career in the NFL.

"It's organized chaos. They've done a fantastic job. I'm just happy that I don't have to carry things up four flights of stairs. So, it's all good,"

Parent on moving day at Ohio State, as reported by Mike McCarthy (abc6)

When lockouts are being mentioned and preseason football is being played, that also means one thing: school is almost back in session.

On Thursday, the same day as the Browns preseason contest, Ohio State university greeted 2,000 students moving into dorms. However, this is just a warm-up for the main event move-in day that will happen tomorrow. Roughly 14,000 students will migrate into their dorms at Ohio State.

For some parents, tears will be shed over the weekend as they drop their kid(s) off at arguably the greatest college in America. But it may take a while for the drop off, though. Traffic is expected to be slow on High Street and Lane Avenue, as reported by ABC 6.

From personal experience, traffic does get congested, but the execution of the whole move-in operation by the university is pretty flawless. From the sign-in process, to the queueing of cars, to the unloading of stuff by the Ohio State Welcome Leaders (OWLs), the transition into the dorms is as smooth as you could ask for.


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