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Young team? Urban Meyer’s not worried

“I don’t feel resistance whatsoever. If you have resistance ... get ready for a couple bad years.”

2016 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Shortly after Ohio State got the commitments from two of the countries leading recruits, Urban Meyer took the podium to discuss how the young guys are gearing for the season and updates on position battles and black stripe status.

  • With Terrelle Pryor now being considered a quarterback-to-wide out success story, and Braxton Miller closely following in his footsteps, Meyer was asked about players switching positions. The head coach made it clear that he and his staff have never gone to a player and asked them to switch, and that it is usually the player looking for more/better ways to contribute to the team.
  • One such player is Torrance Gibson who took on a receiver role his rookie year last season, and instead of making the switch back to quarterback, has decided to stay on the receiving end of the ball. Meyer mentioned his long success record with players trying and staying with a new position.
  • Meyer touted the importance of being “Code Green” which essentially means being “game ready”. This was a big focus of the head coach given how many young guys are making their way into the starting roster this season.
  • Personnel and scheme, its going to be insane this year, all players need to be considered “game ready” before they see the field. Meyer said it’s on the staff to make sure the players are ready to go, and if they aren’t, it’s on them.
  • Young players getting their black stripe removed is a big part of getting “game ready” and three new players just joined the club: Jordan Fuller, Keandre Jones and Josh Alabi.
  • Meyer was asked the difference between a kid who gets their black stripe removed in two days vs a year. Urban was clear that it’s less about playing time and more about whether they are practicing at tempo and living the culture on and off the field. He doubled down that it’s “not ideal” if it takes a player a year to lose their stripe.
  • Something fans aren’t privy to is the sub-classes of the black stripe as noted by Meyer, including blue, red and gold categories to better classify the young guys. He is very happy with this year’s rookie class, stating there has been no resistance to the staff by any of the new guys.
  • Meyer didn’t mince any words before calling Curtis Samuel the “No. 1 playmaker on this offense.” The head coach went on about how he loved Samuel’s skill set and his maturation ahead of the season.
  • In 2014, Meyer thinks the team was much more balanced on offense, whereas last season they relied on “hand the ball to Zeke”. Spreading the ball around this season is a priority for the staff.