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What Ohio State football’s 2 biggest commitments mean for the 2017 recruiting class

SPOILER ALERT: It’s good news.

Bleacher Report

Slow news day, huh?

Things got busy for Ohio State fans in a hurry this morning, when five-star WR Tyjon Lindsey announced his commitment to the Buckeyes, over Nebraska, and a slew of other western powers. But many Buckeye fans weren’t expecting fellow five-star WR Trevon Grimes, who had previously said he’d announce his decision later in the week, to pull the trigger at the same time.

So that gives you a 10-Star Monday. You don’t need to be an ace recruiting reporter to realize that’s a bit of a big deal.

I hopped on Facebook Live shortly after the announcements to give a little more context to what exactly these commitments mean for Ohio State, both on the field in the future, and for the construction of the 2017 recruiting class. I discuss other possible position groups to be targeted this year, when both players might play, who they’re similar to, and more.

Ohio State just added TEN stars worth of wideouts. So let's talk about it

Được đăng bởi Land-Grant Holy Land - For Ohio State fans 22 Tháng 8 2016

You can watch the video above. If you have a question, you can drop it in the comments, and I’ll get to it either there, or in our next podcast.