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Will the Big Ten miss the College Football Playoff this season?

We discuss that, and more.

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NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Day David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten has sent a team to the playoff both years we’ve had one, and with Michigan getting a ton of preseason love, Ohio State set to promote a zillion four and five stars, and with Michigan State fueled by white hot DISRESPECKT and Malik McDowell, there are multiple candidates to get the conference a playoff bid for the third year in a row.

But all three of those teams, along with other would-be Big Ten contenders, have significant questions about their roster. Is it possible that this is the year the elite of the Big Ten beat each other up a little bit, and keep the conference out of the playoff? Could the ACC be the first conference to get two teams in the Final Four of college football?

It’s a possibly, and one worth exploring, so Colton Denning and I broke it down in our latest podcast. Other topics in this episode include:

  • A quick rundown of the latest in Ohio State, and Michigan, recruiting news (SPOILER: It’s good for Ohio State).
  • Is Michigan a legitimate Big Ten championship contender this season?
  • Who is going to win the Big Ten West?
  • Our predicted order of finish for each division
  • And much more!

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