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Ohio State’s 2017 recruiting is on fire, but how big could their class get?

Will the Buckeyes have enough room?

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Chase Young

The Buckeyes picked up two more elite recruits over the last few weeks, and they’re big favorites to land at least two more before the end of August, which could further cement their grip on the most elite recruiting class in Ohio State history. It stands a very good shot at being the top ranked class in the country, even better than a certain school in Tuscaloosa.

The key question at this point seems to be, “How many kids can they take?” After all, half of Ohio State’s team has freshman eligibility, and barring very significant roster attrition, the Buckeyes don’t have room to add too many more bodies.

To discuss this, Matt and Colton reluctantly close the Pokemon Go app for just long enough to record another podcast. They also talk about the potential logjam at quarterback going forward, and why you shouldn’t be upset with Ohio State’s place in Bill Connelly’s Big Ten power rankings.

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