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Ohio State’s game against Tulsa delayed by inclement weather

Lightning means you have to play it safe.

Despite unexpectedly clear skies to begin Ohio State’s game against Tulsa, the Buckeyes offense struggled to find much in the way of an identity.

Buckeyes miscues a plenty let Tulsa keep things interesting, before a combination of the Golden Hurricane making mistakes in their own right coupled with a nasty storm front rolling into Central Ohio allowed the Buckeyes to put some distance between them and the visitors.

But with the rain came lightning and with lightning a mandatory delay of at least 30 minutes. As patrons scurried out of the stands into under the awnings of Ohio Stadium to begin halftime, notices throughout the facilities gave fans an update as to the weather situation:

The Best Damn Band in the Land’s halftime show was ultimately postponed until the postgame due to the weather situation as well.

The game ultimately continued just after 6:30 p.m. ET following a delay of more than an hour.