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Watch Ohio State’s second pick-six of the Tulsa game

It’s a good thing defensive touchdowns count just as much as offensive ones.

It sure seemed like Ohio State was going to head into halftime leading Tulsa, 13-3, thanks to a lackluster offensive effort. The Buckeyes did not have a single offensive touchdown, and with torrential rain approaching, more points in the near future seemed unlikely.

But Marshon Lattimore had other ideas.

Thanks to Tulsa’s puzzling decision to keep throwing down the field, in the rain, Dane Evans threw yet another interception, and Lattimore grabbed his second pick of the day. But this time, he took it 40 yards to the house.

Who needs offensive touchdowns? An all pick-six offense is innovative, sure, but it’s also effective. Now, the Buckeyes can head into halftime with a more comfortable 20-3 lead, and with heavy rains coming, it might be all of the cushion they need to hand the ball off and slog through the rest of the win.

Lattimore joins Malik Hooker is housing Tulsa interceptions on the day. We’ll see if they have another one in store.