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Ohio State jumps to No. 3 in latest AP Poll, 4 in Coaches

The AP liked what they saw out of the Buckeyes.

Tulsa v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Ohio State Buckeyes moved to 2-0 on the young college football season Saturday afternoon, after a 48-3 win over Tulsa that was delayed at halftime due to inclement weather. The win, was enough to move the Buckeyes up to No. 3 in the latest AP Poll, while the Buckeyes remained No. 4 in the Coaches Poll.

The Buckeyes started off the game slow, but the defense had a very strong second quarter, scoring two touchdowns in two and a half minutes to give them the breathing room heading into halftime. After the delay, the offense found life, and the Buckeyes won more than comfortably.

Alabama and Florida State were ahead of the Buckeyes in the AP Poll at No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. No. 4 Michigan also leapfrogged Clemson, who came in at No. 5 this week. Other Big Ten teams in the poll include Wisconsin at No. 9, Michigan State at No. 12, and Iowa at No. 13.

The Buckeyes will be facing the No. 14 Oklahoma Sooners this upcoming week in their biggest non-conference game of the season. Hopefully the first two games have served as a good warmup until their trek to Norman.

Your complete AP and Amway Coaches Polls:

AP (prev, if diff) Coaches (prev, if diff) S&P+ Massey
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State (3) Florida State (3) LSU Ohio State
3 Ohio State (4) Clemson (2) Clemson Clemson
4 Michigan (5) Ohio State Michigan Florida State
5 Clemson (2) Michigan (6) Oklahoma Michigan
6 Houston Stanford (5) Florida State Stanford
7 Stanford Houston Ohio State Houston
8 Washington Michigan State Ole Miss Tennessee
9 Wisconsin (10) Washington (11) Washington Oklahoma
10 Louisville (13) Louisville (15) Tennessee Wisconsin
11 Texas Iowa (10) Oregon Washington
12 Michigan State Wisconsin (16) USC Louisville
13 Iowa (16) Georgia (9) Stanford Michigan State (T-13)
14 Oklahoma Oklahoma (13) Baylor LSU (T-13)
15 Tennessee (17) Tennessee (14) Louisville Georgia
16 Georgia (9) Texas (20) Florida Iowa
17 Texas A&M (20) Ole Miss (18) Georgia Baylor
18 Notre Dame Notre Dame (21) Notre Dame Ole Miss
19 Ole Miss Baylor UCLA Arkansas
20 LSU (21) Texas A&M (24) Mississippi State Texas A&M
21 Baylor (23) Oregon (23) Oklahoma State Notre Dame
22 Oregon (24) LSU (22) Texas A&M Oregon
23 Florida (NR) Florida (25) Arkansas TCU
24 Arkansas (NR) Arkansas (32) Auburn North Carolina
25 Miami Miami (26) Michigan State Utah