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Oklahoma backup QB says Sooners will ‘light up’ Ohio State’s defense, which seems like a bad idea

Somebody is probably not going to be talking to the media again for a while.

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma

Ohio State probably didn’t need any additional motivation leading into their massive showdown with Oklahoma this weekend. They’re hitting the road against one of the most storied and historic programs in college football history. A victory would put them in the driver’s seat for a potential playoff bid. It’s the biggest non-conference game for the Buckeyes in years.

But Oklahoma may have provided some additional fuel anyway.

Yesterday, backup Oklahoma quarterback Austin Kendall went on TV, and said that Ohio State’s defense was “basic”, and that Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield would “light them up.” Bold words to say about a defense that has yet to give up an offensive touchdown this season.

As you’d probably expect, Ohio State players didn’t take that trash talk sitting down, and the responses have already started to trickle in.

What makes this a particularly interesting situation is that this isn’t just a run of the mill, college athlete trash-talk story. Austin Kendall may be from North Carolina, but his dad is from Ohio, and was an Ohio State fan. And, if Kendall’s old tweets are any indication, he was an Ohio State fan too. For example:

Kendall picked up a lot of offers from major programs, but not from Ohio State.

We’ll see if Kendall changes his tune after the game. In what looks to be a highly contested matchup, maybe deliberately poking the bear was not the move Oklahoma’s coaching staff was looking for.