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Ohio State fans are apparently taking over Oklahoma

Every game is a home game.

All State Sugar Bowl - Alabama v Ohio State Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Ohio State fans are notorious for being one of the most travel willing fan bases in the country.

If social media is any indication, Buckeye faithful are more than living up to their billing this weekend in the greater Oklahoma City area.

Our friends at @BP_Recruiting retweeted a metric ton of such incidents into everyone’s timelines this morning and a bunch of others have seen the light of day over the course of the last 12 hours and change.

This figure seems awfully high, but if anyone’s capable of such a Herculean feat, it’s Buckeye Nation:

Tim May tweeted this video from the Columbus Dispatch which shows Ohio State fans greeting the team as they arrived:

One well regarded Norman area restaurant got to see what The Takeover looks like first hand:

Players’ families know the score too:

Finally, it seems it’s not limited to anecdotal reports and otherwise. Even the Oklahoma media has been talking about the sheer volume of OSU fans they’ve seen in the area:

If you’re in Norman for the big game or see anything good, be sure to tweet us at us at @Landgrant33 on Twitter.