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Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon’s kickoff return touchdown vs Ohio State shouldn’t have counted

How did they miss this?

One of college football’s 2016’s team’s earlier marquee matchup’s more than lived up to the billing in the early goings.

After each team struggled to feel the other out, the Buckeyes exploded for a pair of scores, the first a 30+ yard run on 4th-and-1 for 6 and the second a pick 6 on the very next drive.

But with OU set to look to keep things from getting out of hand, on the ensuing kickoff, Sooners running back Joe Mixon ran what looked like a game changing kick return all the way to the house.

But did Mixon make a monumental mistake prior to crossing the goal line?

There’s indisputable video evidence he did.

Unfortunately for the Buckeyes, nobody recovered the fumble in real time and the mistake was never noticed by the replay officials.

The call stood, and the Sooners were right back in the contest, down 14-7.

We’ll see how influential the officiating mistake ultimately proves.