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Ohio State’s Noah Brown caught a touchdown on an Oklahoma player’s dang back


Ohio State coaches talked up Noah Brown this offseason, and he figured to be a major part of the offense. But prior to tonight, Brown’s numbers were modest, compared to others like Curtis Samuel or Mike Weber.

Well, Ohio State found Noah Brown tonight. And his third touchdown catch was his best, by far.

With the Buckeye driving right before halftime, looking to push the margin to three scores, J.T. Barrett threw the ball up in the end zone. And Brown leapt up, and managed to catch this absolutely bananas catch:

I mean seriously, how did he come up with that?

Oklahoma doesn’t have an answer for the size that Noah Brown has in the red zone, and if the Buckeyes can keep picking on the Sooners there, this offense will have no signs of slowing down.

Ohio State’s secondary has shown it can score a few points, but their wideouts, especially this Noah Brown guy, can make plays of their own.