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Ohio State is one of the 5 more talented teams in the country

When the team is loaded with talent, this tends to happen

NCAA Football: Ohio State Spring Game Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

“When Alabama meets USC this weekend in Dallas, the two most talented teams in the country will be butting heads. Not surprisingly Alabama is the most talented program in America after six straight No. 1 recruiting classes. USC has underachieved with its roster but there is no shortage of talent. This game will be an NFL scout's dream.”

– Barton Simmons, 247sports

Even though Ohio State has been considered a football magnet since, essentially, the dawn of time, Alabama leads the pack as this year’s most star studded program.

247sports broke down their total team composite scores for this year, and the Buckeyes ended up at No.5. The score was created by calculating the recruiting caliber (e.g. amount of five-stars, four-stars, etc.) of each program, and then coming up with a final number. Urban Meyer’s squad enters the year with two five-stars, 52 four-stars, 22 three-stars and two two-stars – good enough to give the Buckeyes a final score of 908.16

Looking over at what Nick Saban is doing, his Alabama program boasts a staggering 17 five-star recruits and 44 four-star recruits. The Crimson Tide were by far the best team with a composite score of 985.82. The second best program: USC. The Trojans collected 10 five-stars and 43 four-stars en route to earning a score of 944.80. We’ll see which team is really the best, as Bama and USC square off this weekend.

While the recruiting ranking is important, it’s how the coaching staff teaches the player. Meyer’s staff has done extraordinary well with that – just look at the talent that went to the draft this past spring.

“It’s pretty amazing. It’s really…it’s really humbling. You know, to be in a stadium with 105,000 seats or whatever it is and to to know that all those seats will be filled, but there’s always going to be one here right in front of the ROTC in the heart of the student section that will remain empty.”

– Beth Del Ponte’s story on the POW-MIA seat installment at Ohio Stadium (NBC4 Columbus),

No matter how packed The Shoe will be for football games, there will always be a seat left open for the military members that didn’t make it back home.

On Thursday, a POW-MIA seat was dedicated; the seat is located in the front row of the North endzone – and is just to the right of where the marching band comes out for their pregame entrance.

The connection to military service and OSU runs deep, as an estimated 2,300 students are in some way connected to the armed forces, according to the article by NBC4 Columbus.

If you want to see the story NBC4 did, you can see it below.

“They didn't play freshmen last year -- 21 of 25 redshirted. They are reluctant to take starters off the field even in blowouts. Watch what happens if they get a big lead on Bowling Green on Saturday. You'll see the top guys out there longer than necessary, which again is fine. The best players earn the right to play.”

– Doug Lesmerises (

On the eve of Ohio State’s first game of the season, there is speculation for what exactly Meyer and company are going to do with a huge cast of freshman. Are they going to rotate players? How much playing time will freshman actually get?

The first part of the question was asked by Doug Lesmerises of during one of the media’s opportunities to talk to coaches at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Kerry Coombs was able to answer the question on rotating players, and knowing if they are ready or not to play.

The video of the interaction is seen below.

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