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Dan Patrick ‘Urban Meyer drinks 1%’, Jim Harbaugh ‘We refuse to drink the candy-ass skim milk’

Oh no he didn’t.

If you’re a huge football player who lifts, works out aggressively, and practices as hard as high power conference FBS football players do, you can probably drink just about any kind of milk as a recovery beverage.

But things got “chippy” on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning when the host made a joke about the kind of milk Harbaugh’s rival’s head coach Urban Meyer (and co.) drink while Harbaugh was talking about their milk dispensers at the Michigan facilities.

Patrick: “Urban Meyer drinks one percent, by the way. *laughing*”

Harbaugh: “Well ... We refuse to drink the candy-ass skim milk or one-percent. We refuse.”

Harbaugh was clearly in on the gag, but it’s worth a view none the less:

While Harbaugh clearly had no problem trash talking the healthier milk options, perhaps he needs a refresher on the specifics of what he’s endorsed recently: