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Noah Brown’s had a great start to the season after recovering from a broken leg

He’s totally earned it.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

“Noah Brown reached out and grabbed stardom by the throat last week”

- Tim May, The Columbus Dispatch

The above statement is pretty well put by May. I mean really, Noah Brown had a gigantic game out of nowhere. Not only did he score four touchdowns, he brought one in that will almost certainly be the catch of the year at any level of football this season. It was that spectacular. It’s not surprise for anybody inside the Ohio State football program, especially J.T. Barrett, who told May that Brown, “has suction cups for hands.” Unfortunately as we all know, Brown suffered a broken leg late in camp last year, sidelining him for the year.

Three games into this season, there’s reason for great optimism when it comes to his future. He’s currently second on the team this season with nine catches and 134 yards, leading in touchdowns with five. The Oklahoma game is easy to get excited about, especially when you take into account that he had his best game against a big opponent. The bye week is going to seem extra long, as we all wait to see what Brown is going to do next. He’s certainly got a great mindset on the field, when he told May, “Come down with the ball. Do anything you can to catch that ball.” It certainly worked this past Saturday night.

“Urban Meyer wanted balance against Oklahoma. [...] That didn't really happen.”

- Bill Landis, Northeast Ohio Media Group

A perfect balance on offense sounds amazing. Urban Meyer wanted the Ohio State offense to finish with 250 passing and 250 rushing yards. That sounds nice, but that’s not exactly what happened when the Bucks took on the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman this past Saturday. The ground game was very strong, with Mike Weber, Curtis Samuel, and J.T. Barrett collecting 291 yards. Weber had 123, and Samuel nearly touched 100 with 98 of his own.

That’s not to say the aerial attack wasn’t great. Barrett threw the ball just 20 times, completing 14 of his passes. He threw for 152 yards, and had four touchdown passes, all to Noah Brown. Barrett was best when he threw passes between 0-9 yards, per Landis’ passing chart. He was also effective behind the line, but passes that went 20 yards or greater outside the numbers on the left side of the field were 2-for-3 with a pair of touchdowns. That’s pretty good. And as Landis studies, Barrett really hit on his passes when he needed to. He does point out one to Curtis Samuel early that he just simply missed, but it ended up not mattering in the end. The offense is this team’s greatest question, but so far this season, it doesn’t seem there should really be a concern.

“[Braxton] Miller did reveal it's not a long-term leg injury.”

- Aaron Wilson, Houston Chronicle

Braxton Miller suffered a hamstring injury this past Sunday when the Houston Texans faced the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s expected to miss the team’s game on Thursday when they take on the New England Patriots on the road. It’s a bad setback for the rookie, who is still undoubtedly getting comfortable with the wide receiver position, especially at the NFL level. According to Wilson, Miller isn’t set on saying he will be out Thursday, but it doesn’t look great.

Miller is keeping a good attitude about it, as he told Wilson, "I take mental reps. I study hard. Whatever it takes to be on the field, I'm going to do. You've got to be smart and handle things the right way like a pro and take care of your body." Perhaps the best news about the injury (if there can really ever be good news about an injury) is that it’s not a long-term thing, and he shouldn’t miss a beat. He told Wilson it’s a day-to-day type of injury. But you never want to see that from a promising rookie.

Ohio State men’s basketball schedule details unveiled

Football season is among us, but basketball season is also right around the corner. The Buckeyes will tip off their season on November 6 against Walsh in The Schott. The Buckeyes oddly have three games slated to appear on ESPN3. The Buckeyes had just one of those last season, when they took on UT-Arlington. This year, games against Jackson State, Florida Atlantic, and Youngstown State will all appear on ESPN’s online alternative.

Along with the three ESPN3 games, the Buckeyes have 11 conference games slated for ESPN or CBS broadcasts. The Buckeyes will face off against the UCLA Bruins in Las Vegas, and it will be broadcast on CBS, while the other two CBS broadcast games will be January 15 against Michigan State, and February 19 against Nebraska. Hopefully the Bucks are able to make an NCAA Tournament push this season after a hot and cold year and early NIT exit last season.