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Urban Meyer stays busy during Ohio State bye week with chores

There’s not much else to do!

Bye week is here, and it’s not only hitting all of us that sit at home and consume football every Saturday.

The players and coaches you see that hit the gridiron on Saturdays have lives outside of the numbers, and take on everyday duties like the rest of us. Urban Meyer’s wife Shelley showed us that Saturday afternoon as the head man of the Bucks was doing some chores around the house.

Despite the bye week, coach Meyer is still rocking some sweet Buckeye gear as he cares for his home. Hopefully those windows get as clean as the Buckeyes’ 3-0 record.

Ohio State football will return next Saturday when they take on Rutgers and former defensive coordinator Chris Ash in Columbus. So Urban’s got plenty of time to tidy up the house before the remainder of the season kicks off.

If you had to go take care of a few chores before watching games today, hey, at least you’re in good company.

Go Bucks.