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Urban Meyer says Ohio State WR K.J. Hill is out for 3-4 weeks

The Buckeyes lost two players in the bye week due to injuries

Bowling Green v Ohio State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

After stomping over Oklahoma in Week 3, the Buckeyes had a much deserved week off, where players spent time doing things other than football and coaches were back on the recruiting trail. Urban Meyer was back in front of the media Monday, just a few days ahead of their first conference matchup.

Big Ten play kicks off with a home game against Rutgers, which will bring former Ohio State assistant coach Chris Ash back to The ‘Shoe. Meyer spoke about what it’ll be like to face off against a friend, and what he expects from his team now that they’ve made it over their first big hurdle of the season.

  • J.T. Barrett is the “best we’ve ever had” at scrambling said Meyer. It might look like a quarterback sweep or run, but he’s had more than it looks like on paper. On how much control Barrett has on the offense, Meyer quipped, “he’s got the keys”.
  • Players haven’t come to the coaches in terms of participating in a National Anthem protest, but the coaching staff has discussed it with the team.
  • On where the team is after the bye week, Meyer stated “I like our team”. He’s hoping for high-energy, uptempo practice this week. His main concern is with all the added publicity, press conferences, ego boosting; he just wants to get players back to practice and they’ll be fine.
  • Meyer was asked if he’s ever offered a scholarship to a high school recruit who he had no intention of signing; he said that he’s sure some of his coaches have done that, but he is not a fan. College football is pushing for earlier recruiting events and visits, but Meyer wishes it were later — stating several times, these are just 17 year old kids at the end of the day.

On Rutgers

  • This marks the 8th time Meyer has faced former personnel, and the coaching staff has “to be sharp”. Meyer noted that signals on defense have been changed ahead of the bye week, but they did work on the signal calling for offensive and special teams ahead of facing Chris Ash.
  • Meyer was asked about how they prepare to face Ash and the Rutgers defense, to which he replied, “it’s our defense”. He went on to tout the defensive line that is bigger and stronger, which is partially because “they stole one of our strength coaches” too.

Injury update

  • K.J. Hill will be out for 3-4 weeks after surgery and Justin Hilliard is out after tearing his (other) bicep.