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Ohio State’s official Rutgers hype video will have you ready for Saturday

It’s coming!

We’ve all survived the bye week! The Ohio State Buckeyes are coming in this week fresh, after a huge win on the road in Norman against Oklahoma, and combined with a bye week, that’s a great way to head into Big Ten play.

So in case you weren’t already on the edge of your seat waiting for another week of Buckeye football, this hype video should do the trick. We’re really getting into the meat of the season, and while this shouldn’t be much of a game for the Buckeyes, to see how they react coming off of the break will still be interesting to watch.

Of course, we’d be crazy to not mention that the Buckeyes are facing off against former defensive coordinator Chris Ash. If this one gets out of hand early, don’t be surprised to see Urban Meyer take his foot off the gas sooner than he might have in any other game.

Go Bucks.