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Watch the first touchdown of the Ohio State season here again and again

What a toss.

So, maybe the first game of the season didn’t start exactly how Ohio State wanted it. Despite some early advantageous field position, J.T. Barrett tossed a pick-six, giving Bowling Green an early lead, and taking some of the air out of the Horseshoe. It would be critical for a young team to come out swinging on their next drive, to reestablish exactly who Ohio State is, before the Falcons could get any ideas.

And did they ever.

KJ Hill, a former four-star recruit who has flown under the radar a little bit thanks to a crowded depth chart for Ohio State, hauled in this perfect strike to tie the game up for the Buckeyes, and become the first wideout with a touchdown catch on Ohio State’s roster.

Some tough running from Mike Weber set up the drive, so it looks like Ohio State’s youngsters on offense are looking pretty good so far.